27 February 2015

We went to the Washington rain forest in October. As a little reminder, we made terrariums around Christmas and they are still thriving. I only had to open the lid once after day two when I noticed there was too much water in there. I had to dry it out a bit.

The plan was to put real moss on the top layer, but that didn't work out so dead moss worked just fine. The other terrarium had a larger fern in it. I was able to break the first one up much easier. The one below looks more like the rain forest. 

We used
aquarium gravel
activated charcoal - in the aquarium isle
decorative moss
Asparagus Fern

09 February 2015

I remember loving Charlotte's Web as a child. I truly adore reading E.B. White. His simple style just flows out so smooth and steady, creating an easy and enjoyable read.

As I was reading Charlotte's Web aloud to my 7 and 9 year old, I knew the chapter where Charlotte dies was coming. I worried that it might be upsetting to my animal-loving children and seeing me cry would make them start crying and we would have a cryfest and never get to the end of the book. As I approached the chapter, I steeled myself. Then, I reach the paragraph and start to tear up. Hold it together.  As I'm reading about Charlotte dying, I start to struggle with my words, slowing the pace, trying to just get through it.

My 9 year old looks up and asks, "Are you crying?"
I reply, "Yes. It's so very sad. Charlotte was such a good friend and spider."

My 7 year old daughter then takes the book from me and takes over reading for me; reading the next two chapters with complete composure. After we finish the book, we watch the movie during lunch to compare the two. When she dies in the movie, my 9 year old checks on me to see if I'm crying. I'm thinking, how on earth am I going to get through all of these children's books that seem designed to make you cry?!? I guess we all better get used to it because we have so many books to read!

Upon finishing, my daughter asked if she could take the book up to her room to read again on her own. Of course you can, I know you'll love it as much as I did.

30 January 2015

My 9 year old has not shown much interest in reading until Captain Underpants and Flat Stanley Worldwide Adventures came along. He doesn't mind rereading it to us for fluency. They are the perfect type of humor for a 9 year old (loads of bathroom humor and pranks).

Flat Stanley was flattened while he was sleeping one night by a bulletin board. Since then he's been folded, mailed, travels the world and manages to save the day every time.

No Amazon Associates links here, just pure joy that my reluctant reader is finally loving reading!

09 December 2014

Providing a homeschool education doesn't have to mean you are at home all the time. Learning can happen anywhere and hands-on experiences are what make learning most memorable. 

 Feeding the birds nectar

Mad Science Demonstration

Egg Drop Competition

Dance Class

Math Play with C-Rods and Base Ten Flats

Priming a room. 
We fixed up a house to rent and learned a lot about home improvement and repair. 

Morning Math - yep in her PJs.

 Taking in the local school musical put on entirely by students. 

Midday gymnastics

Company tour to see the inner workings of a huge gaming company. Our high schooler has aspirations to work for a company like this. 

 Museum fun

Making her own birthday cupcakes

Music is spontaneous here. We have guitars, recorders, a tambourine, a piano, a ukulele, and many more instruments for them to pick up and start playing.

Too nice not to take a break for a bike ride.