Test tubes and other recipients in chemistry lab
Image by: Horia Varlan
Hands-on Science:

Chemical Heritage Foundation - Chemistry in History Lessons and Activities - Free
The 2011 International Year of Chemistry - Free experiments - Free
Inquiry in Action - by the American Chemical Society
Wired Magazine Blog: New Chemistry Set Caters to Homeschoolers

Illustrated Periodic Table of Elements Printable - Free

Astronomy Sites
SLOOH - Google is mapping the sky as well. Using their high powered telescopes, you can take space pictures remotely through your computer.  Perfect for future Astronomers to get the feel of real life application. $
Purchase an unlimited use card or by the minute with activity books.
     2006 Parents' Choice Gold Award
     National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honor Award
     2004 Duke’s Choice Award
The Nine (8) Planets Information about all of our planets, moons and smaller bodies - Free
Universe Sandbox - Create your own planets, change gravity, alter courses and see what happens - $
Earth Science
MapMaker Interactive - From National Geographic - Free Online Student Atlas

Christian Worldview Science
Apologia - Very popular for Christian-based Science $

Lego Engineering
Lego has created their own curriculum to be used in schools and homeschools to help young engineers learn about levers, motors, axles, pulleys, gears and machines. When they get older there are robotics lessons where the students learns how to build and program a robot to perform functions they design.

Computer Science
Science NetLinks - Tons of lesson plans, links to other great sites, interactive tools, benchmarks, and more. Love it! - Free

Clubs & Activities
Project Noah - National Geographic - Document nature in your area.


Online Activity Sites
Exploratorium - Free

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