History / Geography

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Story of the World - Classical, Audiobook, Activity Book and Tests available
History Odyssey - By Pandia Press -  CM Living Books style, Family friendly multi-level lessons - Secular
Mystery of History - Classical Christian
History of US - by Joy Hakim - History Textbooks in story form - Secular
The Human Odyssey - by K12 - 3 Volumes
Beautiful Feet - History through Literature - CM style - all living books with a study guide - Christian easily converted to Secular
The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia - Secular
Usborne Internet-Linked History Books - Great for elementary - Secular
The World in Ancient Times - by Oxford University Press - Book Series for Middle Grades -
Dorothy Mills Books -  for Middle Grades.
     - You can also find one of these for free at Archive.org as they are very old, but worth adding and  Memoria Press has Student and Teacher Guides using these books
TruthQuest History - Christian literature-based study
Connect the Thoughts - Secular, religion-friendly core curricula.  Teaches by asking open ended questions using critical thinking skills, K-adult levels.

History Pockets - Supplemental works used with many curricula
Drive-Thru History - DVD's

Beautiful Feet - Geography Through Literature
Knowledge Quest
Little Passports
Homeschool in the Woods - Olde World Style Maps
Mapping the World by Heart
Grolier Online - Clickable Maps - Atlas
D-Maps - Free Blank Maps, Outline Maps, Base Maps
Info Please Map Library
World Atlas.com
Your Child Learns - Mega maps and regular size
Geography Coloring Book (3rd Edition)

Link List
Huge List of Links to Free History Sites

Historical Movies
Paula's Archives - Movies to supplement history

NJCL - Academic Tests and Keys - Subjects on Latin, Greek, Mythology and Roman

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