Unit Study Lesson Plan Template

Update: My link is fixed! You should be able to download it as a Word document and edit all you want.

My absolute favorite unit planning template comes from Microsoft Office Templates. You can find it here. It looks like this:

You can add or change around the table in Word once you download it. One of the major benefits of OneNote is I can make my table as large as I want.

  • How I changed it to work for me:
  • I took the Materials Needed section and created an entirely separate table that was dedicated to projects/activities. I created a column for the subject the project is for, what the project objective is and a list of materials needed. That way when I'm ready to start that unit I have a handy shopping list ready.
  • I took some ideas from another form and changed the column titles.Instead of Teacher/Student Guide I made columns for Objectives, Curriculum Used, Other Resources (which for me means web links), Reading Materials and Verification (how to test knowledge when unit is complete). 
  • On the same sheet I created a Vocabulary List for the entire unit. 

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