18 May 2011


gauguin notebooking and book

Notebooking is a fantastic way for hands-on, kinesthetic, visual or just plain creative learners to learn about a subject.  Think of it as scrapbooking their lessons. As they build their notebook, they add clip art, write down notes, and generally take a more interactive approach to their education. You can use notebooking for one or all of your subjects.  It is also a great way to preserve their work and show off what they've done. 

Notebooking Pages - Don't have time to make your own pages? This site has done all the work for you. Covers just about any subject. Great for multiple children families. Read testimonials from NotebookingPages.com’s customers, members, and free users.
Donna Young - Extensive website that has tons of templates not just for notebooking, but scheduling, personal organization, worksheets, many subjects in excel. - Free
Interactive Notebooks -Great for Ideas, How-to, book referrals to help
Homeschool Helper - Printouts - Free
Homeschool with Index Cards
Notebooking Nook - Template maker, sells on Currclick
Notebooking Nook - Yahoo Group - shares page templates

The Notebooking Fairy -- printables and how-tos with a pinch of pixie dust


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