Educational Entertainment on Netflix:Health Class

Updated: 08.23.2019

The Human Body
PBS: 9 Months That Made You - TV-PG
Magic School Bus: The Human Body
BrainChild - TV-Y7
Brain Games - TV-G
Memory Games - TV-14
The Creative Brain: TV-14

Food & Nutrition
PBS: Food: Delicious Science - TV-PG
Cooked - TV-PG
Why Are We Getting So Fat? - TV-14
The Milk System - TV-14
NOVA PBS: Poisoned Water - TV-PG
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown - TV-14
SaltFatAcidHeat - TV-PG
Street Food - TV-G
The Future of Water - TV-PG
Sustainable - TV-G

Physical Fitness
Strong - TV-PG
Iron Cowboy: The Story of 50.50.50 - TV-14
Ronnie Coleman: The King TV-14
Basketball or Nothing - TV-PG
On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace - TV-14

Health Class
Heroin(e) - TV14
Take Your Pills - TV-14

Diagnosis - TV-14
Ask the Doctor - TV-PG
The Mayo Clinic - TV-14
The Bleeding Edge - TV-14
Heal - TV-PG

Mental Wellness
Happy - NR
Brene Brown: The Call to Courage - TV-14
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo - TV-PG

For the Adults
To the Bone - TV-MA
Rotten - TV-MA
National Geographic:Drugs Inc - TV-MA
Dope - TV-MA

Movies are subject to change as Netflix is always adding and removing shows. 

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