Unit Studies

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Theme Based Unit Study
GreenLeaf Press
Oklahoma Homeschool
Beautiful Feet Books - Can purchase a whole pack of books with the teacher/student book or just the teacher/student book and use the library.
Learning Adventures - All subjects but math, CM living books, multi family ready
Homeschool in the Woods
Five in a Row
Heart of Wisdom
Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett
Homeschool Share - Has many levels and books- Free
Steward Ship Unit Studies
HappyHomeschool Family Classroom

Subject Based Unit Studies
Currclick Unit Studies
Easy Fun School - tons listed - Free

Literature Based
Homeschool Helper - Free
Homeschool Share - Has many levels and books- Free

History Based
Trisms - Research-based  curriculum
TRISMS is a unique curriculum designed to bridge your student from elementary to high school and from high school to college and beyond.
TRISMS desires to teach students to be independent, critical thinking, and academically prepared in all areas of accomplishment. Middle to High School levels. Incorporates IEW.

Little House, Chronicles of Narnia & Anne of Green Gables
Caldron Creek

Harry Potter
About.com Harry Potter Lesson Plans - Free
About.com: Hogwarts - Free
Currclick HP Unit Study
21st Century Schools - Free
School Down the Lane - Free

Lord of the Rings
Houghton Miffllin Books - Free 

Unit Study Planner
Donna Young Planner

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I have been homeschooling since 2009, but have been reading about it since 2003. Homeschooling is rapidly growing. Whether you are a veteran or new to homeschooling, I hope to filter some of the vast amounts of information for you


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