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Updated 8.07.13

Complete Curriculum/ Multi-Subject
Ambleside Online
An Old-Fashioned Education
The Puritans Homeschool
National Repository of Online Courses - Free High School, AP courses and lower college courses.
You Tube: MIT Channel - Watch MIT Lectures
MIT Courses - Courses, Lecture Notes, Assignments, Projects and Final Exams from MIT

Math Magician
Math Fact Café
Math-U-See Drill Page
Comprehensive School Mathematics Program
First Lessons in Arithmetic
Center for Innovation in Mathmatics Teaching
Living Math: History of Math - Free Links to Study

Math Worksheets
Math Worksheets 4 Kids - Up to Trigonometry & Statistics
Math Worksheet Site

Reading Units
Glencoe Literature Library
Nancy Polette's Children's Literature Guides
Cyber Guides

Kids 4 Classics
The Online Library of Liberty
The Baldwin Project
Planet eBook
The Basic Cozy Spelling Course
Webster's Spelling Book
Merriam-Webster Word Central
Spelling Connections

Character Study
Cub Scouts - Character Lessons
Unit Studies
Homeschool Helper - Lesson Plans

Blogs Dedicated to Free or Low Cost Homeschooling
An Old-Fashioned Education
Homeschool Freebie of the Day
Homeschool Resources 4 Free

Ambleside Online
An Old-Fashioned Education
Head of the Class
Lesson Pathways
Currclick - Free Stuff List
Homeschool Freebie of the Day
Kids Know It - Free games and activities for just about every subject

PreK - K
Starfall - Really well done phonics program. Safe, no ads and super easy for the preschoolers to navigate.  Pay $35 for 3 licenses/1 year subscription and receive math, colors and more songs. Tip: the pc you sign up on will count so choose wisely. Split the cost and licenses with your friends. 
Succeed to Read - Lessons to teach your Child to Read
Nick Jr. Boost - Free through Cox Cable High Speed Internet (check their homepage, my connection, surf, scroll down and there will be a link to Nick Jr. Boost) All of your kids favorite characters from Nick Jr., keeps track of lessons completed, a little difficult for preschoolers to navigate, unlike starfall.

Lesson Pathways  - Core Knowledge Lesson Plans with Planner for Mutlitple Children
Head of the Class - Core Knowledge Lesson Plans
Homeschool Helper - Lesson Plans

Internet 4 Classrooms - Links to any subject and grade

CK-12 is a free curriculum that is designed to be customized by the user. You can use provided complete digital textbooks or create your own "flexbook" by choosing your own modules to add to your scope and sequence. It is designed to work on any platform.

Khan Academy - Excellent site for Math and Science. Uses video lectures to walk the student through it.
Rader's Number Nut Math
Ray's Arithmetic: Primary Lessons and Tables for Young Learners - Google Books
Practical Money Skills - Life Skills: Money
Orange Kids - Life Skills: Money from ING
Language Arts
Guide to Grammar & Writing - Grammar Lessons with Quizzes
The McGuffey Readers - Language Arts
Wacky Web Tales - Like Mad Libs to help with parts of speech.

Literature Guides - See Lit Guides Post for More Here
Novel Study Guides
Books - See Free Books Post Here
Project Gutenberg - Free Classic Books in PDF and many other formats
Google Books - Free old textbooks, classics and whatever you can think of.

Spelling City - Spelling Lists and Games
Vocabulary Coach - Vocabulary

Worksheets - See Free Worksheets Post Here
Multi Subject Worksheets
Mr. Printables - some beautiful flashcards and more
Enchanted Learning - Limited Free  -Full Version requires Membership
ABCTeach - Limited Free - Full Version requires Membership

Kids Past
Ancient History Encyclopedia

AAA Where - Study geography, flags, nicknames, capitals and more through interactive maps with quizzes.

Rader's Chemistry 4 Kids
Rader's Cosmos 4 Kids
Rader's Biology 4 Kids
Rader's Geography 4 Kids
Rader's Physics 4 Kids
Educational Inventions - Experienced school teacher with a basement full of hand-on projects and educational games.
Science Buddies
Matchcard Science
Kids Do Ecology
Nature Detectives

Computer Science - Zuckerberg and Gates team up with the mission to teach code to kids. This site has links to some of the sites you see below. It's kind of a one-stop shop.
Scratch From MIT is a free download that can easily be used by kids as young as 6 (like mine!).
Gamestar Mechanic - A fun quest-based program that unlocks pieces the student  can use for their own game.
Learn Street - Ruby, Python and Java Courses.
Alice - Next step up from Scratch. Java, C++ and C#
Codeacademy - Javascript, HTML/CSS, Python, Ruby,  APIs. Community support. Points and badges to earn.
Coursera - College level courses. Beginner level to very advanced. Courses available for a limited amount of time. Some courses available year-round.

Video Help
Discovery Education - all grades/subjects

Online Free Spanish

Google Art Project - Virtual tours through some of the the best Art Museums
Getty Museum - Lesson Plans, Videos, and Activities to do at home
Norman Rockwell Museum
National Gallery for America's Young Artists

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) - One stop shop for animations, videos, photos and documents on all subjects.

Study Guides
Flashcard Exchange

Local Resources
Co-op Swap
Friend with a different age group
Book Store/Library Discount Shelves
Amazon Used Textbooks - Low Cost

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I have been homeschooling since 2009, but have been reading about it since 2003. Homeschooling is rapidly growing. Whether you are a veteran or new to homeschooling, I hope to filter some of the vast amounts of information for you


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