Ancient China Unit Study

We spent 30 days on Ancient China. I could have spent more, but I think it was about all he could take.

6th Grade
History Odyssey Ancients Level 2
Intellego Ancient Civilizations I
Intellego World Religions
Scholastic Ancient Civilizations Book

Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
The Story of Mankind
DK Eyewitness: Ancient China
Projects about Ancient China
Ancient Chinese Weapons
The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient China
What Did the Ancient Chinese Do For Me?
Great Ancient China Projects
The Technology of Ancient China
The Ancient Chinese
Fa Mulan: The Story of the Woman Warrior

Legacy: The Origins of Civilization
What the Ancients Knew: China
Engineering an Empire: China
China's Terracotta Warriors
Wild China
Biography: Confucious
Dynasties of Ancient China
The Silk Route

Focus on:
History/Timeline: Dynasties of Ancient China
  • Timeline of Dynasties and inventions during that time
Geography/History : The Silk Road
  • Map the Silk Road - Scholastic Ancient Civilizations
  • The Silk Road Virtual Tour - Intellego Ancient Civilizations I
  • Listen to music by Yo Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble - Intellego Ancient Civilizations I
  • Biography Channel: Confucious, Intellego Ancient Civilizations I
    • Name the three Confucian Values
    • Fill in chart comparing the 3 philosophies 
  • Intellego Ancient Civilizations I 
    • What principle is it derived from?
    • What are the two principle sources?
    • Would you call it a religion or a philosophy?  
    • What was the result of Legalism?
  • Intellego World Religions
    • Explore the history of Taoism
    • Examine the beliefs and customs of Taoism
    • Draw a Yin and Yang - Explain what it means
    • Draw a picture of Tai Shan

Lit Study: Sun Tzu: The Art of War
Phrase of the Day 
  •  Confucious quotes and Sun Tzu Quotes 
    •  Explain what he thinks the quote means, what it actually means and where it came from. 
  • Understand how Chinese pictographs work and learn how to write a few characters. 
    • Scholastic Ancient Civilizations and Intellego Ancient Civilizations I.
  • Write a biography on an ancient emperor or philosopher. 
  • Great Ancient China Projects 
    • Earth's Magnetic Fields - Make your own Compass
    • Make your own suspension bridge 
  • Weapons of Ancient China
    • Every day choose a weapon from the books and draw it and explain how it was used.
  • Create your own terracotta soldier out of clay
  • Create a Great Wall
    • Out of cereal boxes or
    • Using this plan from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Foreign Language

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  1. Awesome collection of resources! I'm sharing this.

  2. I love how you have everything so organized for each subject (history/geography/writing). It looks like your son got a rich lesson about ancient China. Thanks for posting! :)


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