Slow and Steady

Sometimes they don't talk until they are 3. Sometimes they don't get addition and subtraction until 3rd grade. Sometimes they don't start reading until they are 9. My kids have done all of these and they are making huge progress now. There were sleepless nights and worries of potential learning disabilities. Why? Because they weren't on a "normal" schedule? They are individuals and have different strengths and weaknesses and follow their own timeline, not what's been dictated to them. I've seen it click with them and become proud of themselves because they worked so very hard and finally get it and can move onto the next challenge. All without feeling inadequate or left behind.

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I have been homeschooling since 2009, but have been reading about it since 2003. Homeschooling is rapidly growing. Whether you are a veteran or new to homeschooling, I hope to filter some of the vast amounts of information for you


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