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Most of these are streaming on Netflix, available on Netflix or currently on tv.

- The Universe: The Complete Series Megaset [Blu-ray]
- Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series
- The Planets
- The Life of Mammals
- Coral Reef Adventure
- March of the Penguins
- Walking with Dinosaurs
- Blue Planet
- Sid the Science Kid
- The Earth is a Giant Magnet: Understanding Magnetism
- Newton's Wagon - Understanding Motion
- When We Left Earth - about the Space Shuttle missions
- Volcanoes of the Deep Sea – Imax
- National Geographic – Forces of Nature – Great for Weather Units
- National Geographic – Amazing Planet
- Turning Points in Physical Sciences
- Mythbusters
- Head Rush
- How it's Made
- Modern Marvels

- Liberty's Kids: Complete Series
- Thomas Jefferson
- A History of the U.S. Constitution
- Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West
- 18th Century Turning Points - great little sections divided up by 1-2 decade time periods that highlight important events or people
- 19th Century Turning Points
- 20th Century Turning Points
- Geronimo: An American Legend
- American Experience: Robert E Lee
- American Experience: The Crash of 1929
- Complete History of U.S. Wars
- What the Ancient Knew
- John Adams [Blu-ray]

Period Film Blog - Blog dedicated to all classic and period piece films

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