4th of July Curriculum

 Last year I printed out copies of the Declaration of Independence and had our oldest read & interpret it. This year, I'm trying to include our younger kids. Here's some ideas for you.

The Declaration of Independence: Printout

Declaration of Independence Lapbook - 66 pages & 13 hands-on activities
Simple Schooling: Why we Celebrate the 4th of July 
Declaration of Independence Copywork Page

Liberty’s Kids Streaming on Netflix
Liberty’s Kids Episode 8 - A British spy urges James and Henri to find out what's going on in the closed sessions of the Second Continental Congress. Meanwhile, Sarah and Moses schmooze George Washington, a delegate to the Congress and the newly-chosen general of the Continental Army
Liberty’s Kids Episode 13 - James attempts to find out more about the debate over the Declaration; he rounds up delegates from New Jersey and Delaware.  Meanwhile, Sarah goes through Thomas Jefferson's trash.
Science Fun for all Ages

Games & Activities
Liberty's Kids– Games & Activities

Middle School
Declaration of Independence: History Speaks - Critical Thinking & Games
The Declaration of Independence: Barron's Educational Series
High School
The Colonies Move Toward Independence - 40 Pages, 12 Powerpoints 

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