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Mythology is a family favorite. We all enjoy learning about Mythology, not just Greek and Roman, but Egyptian, Norse, Chinese, Japanese and every other place you can think of. So, of course, I was so happy when I found the National Mythology Exam. So, I started looking into all the exams and here's what I found.

Greek, Roman & Latin
Excellence Through Classics
ETC Mythology
National Mythology Exam - Grades 3-9
Teaching Packets
A mom's experience with the NME

Registration & Order Form PDF for Latin and Mythology Exams
Cost: Exam $4 & Registration is $15

ETC Latin
Exploratory Latin Exam - Grades 3-6
Teaching Packets - Below Mythology Packets

Medusa Mythology Exam - MME - Grades 6 and up
2012 Theme "Monsters and Malicious Mortals"
The Medusa Exam is open to public, private, and home-school students. Public or private school students must be in the 6th grade or higher; home-school students must be ll years old. Latin, English, and home-school teachers are encouraged to enroll their interested students! While the exam has a different theme every year, the exam is always a 50-question, multiple-choice format, and students are allowed 40 minutes to complete the exam. Complete information regarding this year's theme will be posted August 1, 2011.
Cost: $3.00 per student plus a $15 school fee

National Latin Exam NLE
Tests from Intro to Latin to Latin VI
The National Latin Exam is offered under the joint sponsorship of' the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. They are pleased to announce the 2012 ACL/NJCL National Latin Exam. More than 149,000 Latin students from all fifty states participated this year, as did students from thirteen foreign countries, including Australia, Mexico, Belgium, Canada, China Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. This year for the first time, students from Bulgaria and Mozambique also took the NLE.
Cost: $4 per exam, $10 minimum plus $10 additional shipping

Homeschool Math Competitions
Lists for Indviduals & Teams
National Chemistry Olympiad
Local Competitions - High School
Approximately 10,000 U.S. students between the ages of 13 and 18 enter local Chemistry Olympiad competitions. Exams are administered and coordinated by ACS local sections annually in March, and students are nominated for the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad competition based on exam scores and teacher recommendations.

Physics Bowl
Website - High School
Each year, approximately 10,000 students take a 40-question, 45-minute timed, multiple-choice test under their school’s supervision. To enhance the distribution of awards, Division I is for first-year physics students and Division II is for second-year physics students. Each Division has 15 regions that have been established across the country to allow schools in each region to compete against one another. Specialized math and science schools compete in their own region.
Registration Form PDF
Home School: If you are home schooled a list of CEEB codes for your region is available on  The College Board's PSAT/NMSQT Codes for Home-School Students page.

Team America Rocketry Challenge
TARC Website
Students must design, build, and fly a one-stage model rocket carrying one raw egg to an altitude of exactly 750 feet while staying airborne for exactly 45 seconds and returning the egg uncracked. The process of designing, building, and flying a moderately complex flight vehicle teaches many concepts of teamwork as well as those of physics, engineering, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, stability, and electrical circuitry. After completing local qualification flights, the top 100 U.S.-based teams are invited to Virginia for a national final fly-off.
How do homeschoolers enter this contest?
Homeschoolers can enter as part of a school team with permission of that school's principal, or they can enter by being part of a local chapter of a non-profit organization (Scouts, etc. but not an NAR or TRA club) outside of the school context. If there is a local organization specifically for homeschoolers and at least one of the students is a member of this, this counts as a "non-profit organization" as well.
TARC Registration Opens September 8
More Physics Contests & Events

National Spanish Exam

National Geographic Bee

Scripps National Spelling Bee

Thinkquest Competition

Other Resources
Competitions for Talented KidsChildren's Reference & Nonfiction Books)

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