Create a Reading Tree

Document your homeschool reading adventures by creating a reading tree.  Each leaf has the title of a book read by yourself as a read aloud or your children.  There are so many ways to do this, some temporary, some more permanent, painted, wall decals or with paper, let your imagination go wild.

Here are some ideas I've gathered as I work on mine.

Alphabet Tree by Dali Decals
How cool is this for a reading tree! You can choose the color of the trunk, 3 leaf colors and the size.

RoomMates RMK1319GM Dotted Tree Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
RoomMates Dotted Tree Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
Trace the leaves onto paper, for future cut-out use. Then write directly on the leaves with permanent marker. This one is colorful and the leaves are kind of chunky, great for if you want to add pictures or more information.

BIG Tree with Bird Wall Decal Deco Art Sticker Mural
This would be a more elegant option. You could write on each one with a silver or white permanent marker. This tree comes in all kinds of colors to match your room. Once filled you could create your own leaves to add color.

Giant 8 foot tall Barren Tree Decal by Dali Decals

Big and bare so you can add your own leaves. I like this one for a family tree option as well.

Ideas for adding your own leaves.

Some Links of finished Reading Trees

My Daily Find - A pure paper example

In the meantime what I've done is create a template of business card size tags and we're gluing them into his own reading book as we go. Every once in a while I will be asked to listen to a book, just to see if he can earn a tag. Here's a sample:

I made the reading book by printing a Dr. Seuss picture onto a piece of cardstock, folding it in half, adding blank paper and stapling in the middle. Super easy.
Here's the full PDF download.

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