Scratch N Sniff Paint

The perfect art activity for sense of smell, learning fruits or just for fun. 

The Recipe
Scratch and Sniff Paints
1 Tbsp unsweetened powdered drink mix
1 Tbsp warm water
Mix water and drink mix together. With this recipe you can paint pictures of fruit that will really smell like fruit. Allow finished paintings to dry overnight before scratching and sniffing.

For the end of our smelling part of our 5 senses I had the kids make scratch n sniff fruit.  I used some of the those packets you put in water bottles for some of the flavors and Kool-Aid for others. I had them smell each one first and see if they can identify the fruit. Then I had them paint with the mixture onto a picture of the fruit. I had a bunch of flavors and fruits. After the first set, I stopped taking pictures to avoid Kool-Aid stains on the ceiling. :D  I used Grape Kool-Aid packet, Strawberry Kool-Aid, Tang, Apple drink mix for water bottles, Cherry Kool-Aid, Tropical Fruit Kool-Aid, Welch's Dark Berry Water Bottle Packet, Country Time Lemonade (came out clear and didn't smell) and Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid just for fun.  

First set of paints
From left to right: Grape, Strawberry, Orange and Apple

The apple turned out a little yellow

Strawberries turned out the best

First set

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