Hogwart's Shopping Cards

My 6 year old loves three things; to play store, card games and Harry Potter. I figured I would combine them and make a shopping game out of Harry's annual trips to Diagon Alley for school supplies. 

                                    The fronts have two options:

                                                    with the price

and without.

The cards backs look like this:

 I laminated mine, so I could write a price with a dry erase marker. This should give me flexibility to use single digit and double digit addition according to his level. It will also allow me to vary the prices and make it more interesting along, adding longevity to the set. 

This is what an entire page looks like. I made sets for each type of printer, duplex or one-sided. The margins on your printer may be set slightly differently, so be sure to do a test copy first. I had some problems lining up the back side and the front side of my duplex printer. 

Once I printed, I cut up the cards using a large paper cutter and then laminated them for longtime use. Because I laminated them, I didn't have to use heavy cardstock, just regular printer paper. 

Game Ideas

- Use play money, gold coins or practice exchanging the two like Hermione's parents.

- Play store:

-draw one card at a time and pay for each item individually.
-draw two cards at a time and pay for the total.
-draw three cards at a time, but pay individually, then combine the individual amounts into larger bills.
-draw cards and sort by store, then make a grand total for each store.
-calculate total for drawn cards and then figure out sales tax and add.
-calculate tip
-Use one card with an amount and one without, provide a total and have them figure out how much the missing amount is.
-find the items from the shopping list and make a tally for only those items.
-find the items from the shopping list by store and pay for each individually.
-give them a certain amount of money and let them buy some of the fun stuff.
-sort by type, for example, pay for all clothes in one. 

PDF Links

Hogwart's School Supply Shopping List - Based off of the real shopping lists *

For Single-Sided Printers

For Double-Sided Printers

*Updated links

Other Attribution for pictures:

I have to send out special thanks to the people that allowed me to use their images.

Ashley Fitzpatrick from the Etsy Shop Little Woo Studios makes amazing miniatures. The newspaper, many of the schoolbooks, the Mimbulus Mimbletonia Plant, are all in miniature. 

Nany at the Etsy Shop Esanany let me use her Veritas Serum picture.

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