Snap Circuits

What are Snap Circuits? Think Lego with electronics components. You can build radios, fans, lights, and tons of other projects without having to solder anything.

 Snap Circuits Deluxe Snap Rover
It shoots discs, lights up, records and plays sounds, can turn 360 degrees and he can customize it. This should last him awhile. I got this for my 6 year old and we built it together. He loves recording a message then going down the dark hall to see it light up and shoot foam discs out of it. 

The Manual

The Snap Circuits can be placed on the clear plastic plate you can see above. Each piece has a snap  on each end, underneath and above, that allows you to stack them and create circuits.

Basic Diagram

The diagrams are easy to understand. The plastic base has a grid system with rows being letters and columns numbers. If you follow the diagram, you might see some small numbers in a circle near some of the pieces. These represent the layers for stacking. It shows you everything, to make for little guessing. I think it's much easier than putting together something from a Lego diagram. 

This kit has all of the Snap Circuit kits put together in one case. The 750 means that there are 750 projects to try out. It even has solar cells, Many of the projects build on each other. For example, first you learn how to make a light switch, then you make a sound activated light switch. Then you change the sound by changing the component, etc. The only extra I bought was the battery eliminator, which the case had a spot for. It's been a long time since I was so pleased with a purchase; they thought of everything. 

The student guide has a full middle school course in electronics and the teacher guide has quizzes. Eventually, I plan to use this for a semester of electronics. The kids love it and I don't feel bad if they just play for awhile because it is educational as well.

All of the manuals and student guide for his SC750-R

If you are interested in Snap Circuits, I would get the biggest kit you can afford. There are many different levels, this one is the largest. If you want to go slow, they do sell the case and smaller kits separate.

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