Gotta love the science lesson in the backyard

I looked out our sliding glass door and saw this hanging out on our back porch in the shade. From the door, it looked like a bat. I was sure it was a bat. I don't have any pictures to show the scale because he was high up, but it was about 3 inches long.

So I went outside and closed the door to take pictures fully expecting my children to see me jump and panic when it flew at me. It did not. It just sat there. Ok,  I'll get some pictures and load them into the camera to see what we have. Hmm, it's not a bat. I was convinced the two little white dots on the inside bottom of it's wings were eyes because they were really reflective.

I looked up giant moth and found out first there really is such a thing and second it was a Black Witch Moth.

White Witch Moth to show scale

It was so big! They finally got to see it open it's wings before it flew off. 
Kids, we're doing a report on moths today! :D 
When we do animals in the desert reports, how come we never hear about these kinds of things?

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