Geography Country Report Printable

I've been working on Geography and wanted to have a worksheet to go along with his reading in a Notebooking style.

I will print these along with the Knowledge Quest Maps from Map Trek and bind them with my handy Pro-Click to make a Geography Notebook. I've tried using a 3-ring binder with the maps and they always end up getting torn up. With the Pro-Click, nothing is getting taken out and put back and you really have to try to pull a page out without opening the comb.

Page 1

On page 1 there is a spot for them to write down the Country Name, Capital City, Language (Primary), Draw a Flag, General Facts, Vocabulary words, Points of Interest.

On page 2, there is a world map for them to color in the country and a large place to write down major points in history and current events happening in today's world. 

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