Cleaned, Decorated, and Ready to Begin the New School Year!!

I'll be going on my 3rd year and I cannot believe how much stuff we've accumulated. It's a good thing they are growing out of some of it. I posted some books on Amazon last week and already sold 2! Anyway, I wanted to clear out the room and reorganize. I only bought a few things, the rest was repurposed from what was already around the house. 

I painted the tables and scored when I saw the tins at Michaels for 70% off. My big ol office chair is usually blocking the bookcase so everything is within reach and I can quickly change subjects. Why yes, that's a purple laptop. :D I needed a laptop so I can take school with me into the kitchen for experiments or to the backyard. I found this one refurbished at NewEgg. or purple? I'll take purple. 

I love these maps! They are peel and stick and dry erase. They are also the perfect color. 

I still have to hang the bulletin board. All of my cubbies are organized and labeled. 

I kept the Hogwarts corner and turned the old coffee table into daughter's coloring table. I found the lapdesk at Walmart for $10. She carries it around so she can color in front of the tv or wherever. 

This will eventually be my middle son's desk. The green looks fluorescent, but it's not nearly as bright as it looks. They both came into the room after I painted it and said they didn't know there was another table. Ha. Yes, it blended into the wall and was covered in papers to file and to bind.  I'd still like to paint the folding chairs or get some office chairs that will let them sit higher up so my daughter doesn't have to use a booster seat. 

 I found a bunch of sayings online that I wanted to turn into posters. I made them in Publisher and printed then laminated them because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. I found a cheap poster frame sitting in the garage, so I painted the outside, put wrapping paper on the inside and hung it up. It should be easy to change it out if I want to down the road. 

The baskets were also 70% off. Now I have a place to put the library books. Though I'll probably need to use both because we check out a lot of library books. 

I still have to go through the closets and my oldest's room. We won't start until September 2, so I have some time.

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