Deadline for the 2014 Medusa Mythology Exam is approaching

My 7th grader received a Bronze Medal for the 2013 Exam.

For those that haven't participated, here's some information about it.

The Medusa Exam is open to public, private, and homeschool students. Every year has a different theme. They are always based on the classics, The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid, The Metamorphosis. Both Greek and Roman names are in the test. This is really a high school level test that is available to middle grade students who have read the classics. It is more difficult than the National Mythology Exam.

This year's theme is "Mythology Masquerade." All questions will involve a god, goddess, or other immortal who changes shape to achieve his/her/its objective.

Age/Grade Requirements: Public or private school students must be in 6th grade or higher. Homeschool students must be 11 years old.

Test Format: 40-minute multiple-choice format.

Fees: Standard registration fee is $3 with a school registration fee of $15.

Registration Due: February 10 - Standard registration fee

Late Registration:
February 10-15 - +$15 late fee
February 17-22 - +$25 late fee
February 24 - March 1 - +$35 late fee
March 3 - 8 - +$45 late fee

Certificates and Medals for those who receive high enough scores. Click here to see how they are distributed.
Gold medal award winners may apply for achievement awards; prizes range from $100 to $750.
Awards are available to teachers and homeschool parents whose students took the exam by writing an essay. The prize is $250.

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