My Homeschool Room for 2014-15

For the record, I am not a blog photographer. I do hope to one day take a photography class.
I took these pictures with my iPhone.
This is probably the neatest I will see this room all year, although I will try my best to keep it up. I cleared out a lot of stuff they outgrew and have some empty baskets and spaces to give new things homes.

Below is my son's desk. It's just a plastic folding table I already had. I decided to paint them since they were grayish and boring. 

He likes it clean which means I am not allowed to "temporarily" pile stuff on it because he knows it will be there longer than temporarily. 
I found an office chair that tilts because I grew oh so tired of telling him to stop tilting back on his old chair. He looooves the office chair and was super excited to see it put together. 

The cubbies hold math manipulatives and card games. The baskets on top hold library and planned read aloud books and poetry books for Poetry Tea. 

I found an Alice in Wonderland tea set at Home Goods. It's proudly on display in the center. 

The top middle basket holds all of my science experiment supplies. I need a place to put those random items when I come home from the store; otherwise, I can't find them when I need them. We're doing Real Science Odyssey Chemistry this year and have at least one, usually two labs every week. It's a lot of little supplies that I usually have on hand, but when there is something I don't usually have, like salt-substitute, I put it in there for when I need it. 

My area. 
I pulled out my chair so you could see everything I need for the school day is within reach. 
The left tower has subjects we use every day. If I didn't have enough room, then those subjects went on the bottom bookshelf.
The right tower holds lined paper, laminate sheets, c-rods and other supplies.
We are doing 4th grade this year, which is the perfect year to start series books. I have them all lined up in the bookshelf on the left. We're starting with Kane Chronicles, then Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus to go with History. For Literature, we have Chronicles of Narnia and the first two books in the Harry Potter series. 

My daughter's desk. 
This is probably the cleanest it will be all year. She has tons of art supplies surrounding her and a giant trash can that is supposed to help with the little pieces of cut up paper. (it really doesn't) .
She has the closet next to her with more art supplies. I gave her all of my old cardmaking/scrapbooking supplies and she is loving it. She'll spend hours making little books for her American Girl dolls. She also has a strange fascination with making paper brooms for her dolls. Her dolls must love to clean because so far she's made about 20 brooms. 

The room from the other angle. This room gets the most light in the house, making it a nice bright place to work. We can turn up the blinds and see the sky. We mostly sit at the table while doing school or go out to the living room couch to read. Their desks are for when they are having trouble sitting at the table together. Sometimes, they just need their own space. 

My grandmother had a rock collection and I thought I would try it out in the middle of the table. I thought it would be something interesting to look at and it would weigh down the tablecloth. The kids do like handling them and seeing how they sparkle in the sun. 

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  1. Love the school room. Ours has shrunk over the years.


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