I Made the Final 5!!!

Rosenberry Rooms had a Pin it to Win It contest using Pinterest to create rooms out of their products. Well, how could I resist designing dream rooms with an unlimited budget with the possibility of receiving credit toward some of those items. I had a lot of fun designing and with no limit on how many entries, I finally stopped at 12. I submitted all 12 and one of my rooms made it to the final 5!

So if you have a Facebook account and can like my entry, please do. Here's the direct link. From there, you can "Like" my picture and if I get into the top 3 receive anywhere from $150 to $1500 towards items on my board. Voting ends October 18th at 7am.

I had a ton of fun and I'm so excited just to make it into the top 5. Of all the rooms, they chose my Steampunk-inspired room. I think because it was so different. My oldest son is outgrowing his old-style Batman themed room and I think this would be nice to grow into.

If you want to see my other rooms, they are on my Pinterest board under Color Me Rosenberry. I have 2 dream homeschool rooms I designed there. One for younger kids and one for early teens and up. 

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