The Hogwart's Supplies Have Arrived!!

I finally had time to finalize Hogwart's Correspondence School. I've been waiting to use it until I felt we were well into a routine and they could handle the additional workload I was already giving them, plus this.

They all received their acceptance letters (finally!) and filled out a questionnaire to determine what house and what courses they would like to take. They all got into Ravenclaw since it is after all a house of 'wit and learning.'

They must answer the riddle before entering.

The Hogwart's School area. Still making some ads for the bulletin board. 

Some of the supplies for the week. 

Supplies include:

Magic Science Kit - this is worth it just for the reusable test tubes, lol. They can make a wand, and several potions. This will go nicely with the potions class with Severus Snape. He required they keep a potion log with the name, ingredients, reactions, others comments. He also gave us a book of potions we can do at home.

I have the Diagon Alley Shopping Cards I made. They tore right into those and bought a few things using play money. Connor added a few items together, while McKenna just practiced paying for one item at a time.

Hagrid left us the Spiderwick Chronicles set, complete with the Field Guide, Care and Feeding of Sprites and the Handbook that has a bunch of great questions to put into their Care of Magical Creatures Notebook.

I've received owl mail that he's also sending us Sassafras Zoology books for Muggle-related study of animals. He heard my son has recently become obsessed with Wild Kratts and thought this might be a good fit.

My son was really excited to be able to play "Wizards Chess." The game No Stress Chess  has 4 levels of play. The first level you draw cards to teach how all the pieces move, the next you draw a few cards and get to choose which card you wish you use, and the last level that uses cards, you draw five cards at a time and choose one move. The final level, is of course, regular chess.

Fred and George Weasleys' Safety Workbook that went over house safety rules.

This is all in addition to our regular school work, though sometimes it will replace it. For example, I can turn Harry Potter into Writing with Ease lessons really easily. Copywork can be HP. Science will be all HP for awhile; especially, for the month of October.  I love October! 

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