The Roman Report

I'm really loving Story of the World. We are starting at an odd place because my 7 year old really wanted to learn about knights and castles. Since we haven't done Vol. 1 yet and missing out on Rome would just be a tragedy, we're starting with Rome and then moving onto The Middle Ages. The library had a storytime about being a Roman Warrior, so of course we had to go. They all lined up like soldiers and learned the Turtle formation and how the Romans rotated the front men out to give them a break. When that was all done, they learned how to lock shields in the front line. They got to keep their shield and colored them with marker.

We still plan to put a design on the front.  My 7 year old wants a lion and my 6 year old daughter either wants her initial or something else...she's not quite sure. She thought hers looked like fire when she was done. 

Then we made a Roman road. The cardboard was the ditch, then we layered sand with glue, pebbles (aquarium rock), concrete (playdough), and large stones (floral gems). We staggered the layers so it was easy to remember each one.

My oldest finished his work early, so he was happy to participate with us. 

Our lone Schleich Roman Soldier. 

Then we made roman columns out of cookie dough. I think that was their favorite. And used our wood blocks to make a Roman aqueduct. 

We read City by David MacAulay and See You Later, Gladiator, which the kids just loved. I'll have to check out the other books from the Time Warp Trio. 
It had some Latin words and phrases in the back for them to practice. 
The one that stood out was 
"Gratias tibi ago quia me gladio tuo non fodisti." 
That's "thank you for not poking me with your sword."

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