Teaching the Kids to Cook (so eventually you don't have to)

Every night when I'm making dinner, my 6 year old daughter begs to help. I usually have a few things she can do, but this week I planned a menu that is kid friendly. This is her making Lasagna.

She browned the meat.

Mixed the Ricotta and layered everything. I just grated the cheese and put it in the oven.

 She loves watching cake decorating shows. She's watched the same ones over and over, so I found YouTube channels How To Cook That, My Cupcake Addiction and her new favorite, Charli's Crafty Kitchen which has two little girls decorating cupcakes and treats. 

After this, she's helped me make Chicken Pot Pie and Enchiladas. Anything that involves layering is nice because there are lots of small steps for them to take.

In case you are looking for cooking utensils that will fit your child's hands, For Small Hands, is a website that sells Montessori-style, real, working, child-size tools for cooking and learning life skills.

Vegetable Chopper with Wooden Handle
Vegetable Chopper

My oldest is taking MIT's OpenCourseware; Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full. This is a great course for learning basic conversational Italian while learning how to cook healthy Italian recipes. He will learn how to make a simple pasta, risotto, meatballs, some vegetarian dishes, and desserts.

A side note: I'm double dipping when it comes to school here. Not only is he taking World Geography and Cultures this year for high school credit, but he's also taking Health & Nutrition. We went to the San Gennaro Italian Feast and sampled their cuisine while learning more about the Italian culture, then this course will give him some healthier options for Italian cooking. The MIT course includes some cultural background as well, making it a perfect supplement for both high school courses.

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  1. Great point! I only have to cook 3 days a week. My older kids have cooking days. My 16yr old is the baker in the family. I also don't have to do laundry, each kid does their own :-D

    1. That sounds great! Only my oldest does his own laundry and he always waits until he's out. But my two younger kids both put away their own clothes.


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