Cooking with a Side of History

Add some fun to your history lesson with cooking. There are many great sites to help you find recipes for the time period and region you are looking for.

Top Sites
Home Cooking: World Cuisines:Historic - Lots of links for every culture
History Cookbook from Cookit - Recipes divided up by era
Feast of the Centuries - Blog with recipes/history from every age - More Links here

Food Timeline - First Cooks to Shakespeare
Ancient Roman Recipes & Meal Customs
Around the Roman Table - 8 Ancient Roman Recipes
Antique Roman Dishes
Old Cookbooks & Food History - Original Cookbooks in Original Languages & Translated
Medieval or Anglo Saxon Recipes
Medieval Feasts
18th Century Cuisine

Ancient Chinese Food
Ancient Greek Food
Roman Food
Central Asian Food
Indian Food
West Asian Food
Islamic Food
Egyptian Food
African Food
Middle Ages Food
Native American Food - Before 1500 AD
South American Food - Before 1500 AD
North American Food - After 1500 AD

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