Educational Movies on Netflix: Oceans

Netflix has updated their search features!
To find Instant Ocean Movies click on:
Just for Kids/Genres/Ocean Adventures
You'll find these and more

Aliens of the Deep: James Cameron & NASA
Blue Planet: IMAX
Blue Planet: Open Oceans/The Deep
Blue Planet: Seasonal Seas/ Coral Seas
Blue Planet: Tidal Seas/Coasts
Coral Reef Adventure
Deep Blue
Deep Sea: IMAX
Disney Adventure: Oceans
Dolphins: IMAX
Into the Deep: IMAX
Island of the Sharks: IMAX

The Jacques Cousteau Odyssey: Complete Collection: 1977
Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures
Killer Wave: Power of the Tsunami
Kingdom of the Blue Whale: National Geographic

The Living Sea: IMAX
Nature: Sharks
Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure
Shark Reef and the Sacred Island
Shark Superhighway
Shark Water
Treasure Quest
Turtle: The Incredible Journey
Under the Sea: IMAX
Volcanoes of the Deep Sea: IMAX
Window to the Sea

Movies are subject to change as Netflix is always adding and removing shows. 

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