Searching for Science on Netflix

Finding the right show for your educational needs can be time consuming. Here are some rules of thumb when searching for science related shows on Netflix.
Using the Browse DVD section. This will give you the largest selection, both Instant and Mail.

Homework Help
The Hidden Gem for Homeschoolers

How to get there:
- Browse DVD's/Genres/Special Interest/Homework Help
- There's pages of classroom-like videos, mostly old and poor quality, but great for supplemental support. Few Instant, most are Mail Only.
Subject Links include:
- English & Language Arts
- History & Social Studies
- Language Instruction
- Math
- Science
- Also in Special Interest is an IMAX link for all IMAX movies
- Art:
  • Painting: Biographies on famous artists. Tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or view all the Masterpieces from periods in time, Leonardo da Vinci
  • Sculptures: Sculptures of the Louvre, Masterpiece: Masterpieces of Sculpture, The Vatican Museums
- Dance: Dance Workouts for PE
- Food & Wine: Health and Nutrition, cooking shows and food documentaries
- Technology: Computer & Electronics
- Theater Arts:
  • Classic Stage Musicals: Gilbert & Sullivan
  • Contemporary Stage Musicals
  • Opera & Operetta
  • Shakespeare
  • Theatrical Performances: King Lear, Les Miserables, Our Town
  • Performance Art & Spoken Word: Cirque du Soliel

    • There are 2 more options for narrowing down your selections.
      • Browse DVD's/Genres/Documentary/Science & Nature - For all except animated
      • Browse DVD's/Genres/Children & Family/Education & Guidance - Includes animated, but narrowed down
      • Then go to Sortable List and you can sort by year/rating (many documentaries are not rated), or title, which is useful for finding National Geographic, since many start with that. Using the Search window.

    There are generic search terms to go by when using the search window. Just type these keywords in and hit enter. If you are looking for:
    • Animals: Animal Planet, Nature:, National Geographic,
    • Engineering: Modern Marvels
    • Oceans: Blue Planet
    • Astronomy: The Universe or NASA
    • Earth Science: Volcanos, Earthquakes
    • Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs, Walking with, Prehistoric
    • Human Anatomy: Human Body
    • History of Science: The Day the Universe Changed, Ancient Discoveries
    • Geography/Ecosystems: Type the name of the place. Many are in IMAX or National Geographic.
    • National Geographic: Try searching in the Instant tab first, there are 276 pages of National Geographic Movies. If you can narrow your search down further by adding another keyword, I would advise it. For example, type National Geographic Lions.
    • IMAX - Just type in IMAX and hit enter. At the top of the list you will see a link to see all IMAX movies. Depending on if you are in the Instant movie tab or the Browse DVD's tab, you can either see only Instant movies or all.
    • Nature: is from BBC, many episodes covering animals, ecosystems and geographic locations.
       Movies that cover a lot are:
      • The Universe, The Planets, Through the Wormhole
      • Planet Earth
      • Blue Planet
      • Life
      Great science related TV shows:
      • Mythbusters
      • Shark Week
      • Stan Lee's Superhumans
      • Animal Planet
      • Magic School Bus
      • Sid the Science Kid
      • Animal Planet
      Helpful Links:
      Instant Watcher
      Geek Documentaries
      Feed Fliks
      Discovery Education: Science Homework Help
      My Squidoo Article on Educational Shows on Netflix

      Movies are subject to change as Netflix is always adding and removing shows. 

      For more ideas:

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