Notebooking for the Technology Loving Family

Do you love the idea of Notebooking, but don't like the idea of all that paper?

What if there was a program that allowed you to add everything you would normally put in your notebook directly to your computer?

Think about it, you can insert writing assignments for every subject, pictures, videos, songs, calendars, links, whatever your subject or imagination can dream up, kept neat, organized and print-free. All of your EBooks for school, loaded and ready for notes to be added. Copy text from a page and it automatically adds the link below.  Access your child's notebook from another computer to monitor progress or offer input. Add calendars and planners from your computer onto their first page of their notebook.  Just copy and paste all of your favorite notebooking templates onto your new page, no reason to lose them. Text boxes can help line up type to lined paper on your template. For added access, you can automatically back up your work online to access instantly from another computer. At the end of each year, burn their notebooks onto discs and store. Easily share pages with family and friends online or burn an extra copy for them. Just as digital scrapbooking changed scrapbooking, this will give your tech-oriented kids a chance to be creative in their own way.

Check out Windows OneNote. Windows has OneNote for Teachers  that provides tutorials to help get you started.

Customization and flexibility is important when you want to share notebooks. You can add as many tabs, pages, notebooks as you want. Customize the backgrounds, ribbons, tables to suit your needs and taste.

A Free similar program is Evernote. Works the same as OneNote with a few different features. The biggest difference is you are not given different tabs for your notes, instead you would create a new notebook for very different subjects or just add a note to your current notebook. A note is it's own page with a title and adds a website link to the top if you have copied from a website for reference later. If you wish to share your notebook, you will both need to purchase the premium account for an annual or monthly fee. 

Google Notebook is shutting down. Google Docs is another way to access all of your information from any computer through your Google account. Create or upload documents to Google Docs. Once you've created your own page, you can keep it private or publish it publicly to share with the world.

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